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Find out who is eligible for social security! Let us help you apply for social security. Find out how we can help if you have been denied social security.
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Syracuse Social Security Disability Attorney

Need SSD or SSI Benefits in Syracuse? Call my firm today.

At my firm, Attorney Mark J. Palmiere, Attorneys at Law, I have over 20 years of experience in getting results for clients seeking SSD or SSI benefits. I have a great depth of understanding of all the processes involved, including addressing a denial of benefits with the appeals process. There are a large number of requirements that must be met to successfully gain benefits. The documentation must be correct, as well as the application itself. Are you qualified to get benefits? Call my firm for information about your specific case. I am a Syracuse Social Security attorney, and I know how to work within the system to get results for my clients.

If you already tried application and got a denial, you are not alone. More than half of claims submitted are denied. The medical evidence must be convincing, and the condition, whether mental or physical, must be one of the conditions that eligible. This is a federal program that has the duty to provide benefits to those who are disabled. If you worked long enough and paid Social Security taxes, you should be eligible for benefits. The agency requires that you submit full documentation regarding your condition, with supporting medical reports. Do meet the requirements? You must establish that you cannot work as you had prior to the condition, and you cannot adjust to other work due to your condition, and your disability is expected to last for at least one year or is a terminal illness. Filing SSD applications is not a simple matter. Let me help you.

The agency uses certain criteria to determine if you meet the definition of "disabled." The questions include whether you are working; whether the condition is severe; is it found on the list of conditions; whether you can do the work you had in the past; and whether you are able to perform any other type of work. SSD benefits are only paid for total disability, not partial or short term. Never try to deal with this agency on your own. Call my firm to help you get the benefits you deserve.

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