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Find out who is eligible for social security! Let us help you apply for social security. Find out how we can help if you have been denied social security.
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Social Security Lawyer in Buffalo, NY

Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income in Buffalo

If you need SSD or SSI benefits, you are likely in a great deal of distress, and probably find the process confusing. It is a complex process to get an approval, and in fact more than half of the applications are denied. Are you in the position where you need benefits and have been denied? You should call my firm, Attorney Mark J. Palmiere, Attorneys at Law, so I can help you through the process. I have over 20 years of experience in dealing with the Social Security Administration and getting results. Social Security is set up to pay you benefits if you can't work due to a medical condition that is expected to continue for one year, or for those with a terminal illness. There are some programs that pay for temporary disability, but these benefits are strictly for the permanently disabled.

Filing for Benefits: Get the help you need.

Social Security Disability and Social Security eligibility can be a difficult task. Get my help so that you have a better chance of getting your benefits approved in a timely manner. I can assist you in applying for Social Security, handle a denial of benefits, and help with every detail of filing SSD.

There are specific earning requirements that must be met. You will be required to meet two separate earning "tests." These tests are "recent work" and "duration of work." You have been paying into the system throughout your working history. Those who are disabled prior to age 24 require 1 ½ hears of work during the three year period ending at the quarter when your disability took place. For those between the ages of 24 and 31, you must have worked a specific number of years as well, and for those 31 and older, the requirements once again change. As with any government program, any person can find the requirements confusing and complex. That's where my firm comes in. I handle all of the details for you, including the application. If there have been any errors in your application, you will face a denial.

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