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Find out who is eligible for social security! Let us help you apply for social security. Find out how we can help if you have been denied social security.
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Albany Social Security Disability Claims: Legal Representation

Social Security Attorney in Albany

Do you need to apply for Social Security Disability benefits? It can be a long process, and the agency advises people that it can take from 3 to 5 months to have your application processed. It is imperative that you apply as soon as possible after you are disabled. This may be impossible, and a family member may be involved, and could use help to get the application submitted with all of the information required. The application will be reviewed to make sure that you meet the requirements of the program. Your work history will be checked to ensure you have an adequate number of years of paying into the system to be eligible. Your own doctors may be contacted by medical professionals from the agency to verify your condition. The administration may request further medical information or require that you are examined by another doctor.

SSDI: The Application Process

There is a 5 step process in getting benefits approved. This includes finding out if you are currently working. There is a limit to the amount of money you can make to be eligible for benefits. Those who are no longer working or the amount you are making is less than the allowed amount, the agency then moves onto checking into your work history. The medical condition must be "severe" for a disabled person to qualify for SSDI. The issue of the severity of the condition is the most important part of the review of your medical condition. Social Security Disability benefits are tough to get. Don't take chances with your Social Security eligibility, or when applying for Social Security. We can help you do the right things so you don't face a denial of benefits.

The next step is that your condition must be on the "List of Impairments." There are certain special circumstances if it is not, and our firm knows what to do in these cases. The next issue in making a decision is whether you are able to do the work you did before your impairment. Finally, if you can no longer do that work, are you able to do another kind of work? These are the five main issues reviewed by the agency. We know what they look for, how they make decisions, and how to present the facts in an effective manner.

Contact my firm and speak with a highly qualified Albany Social Security lawyer for more information about filing an application or appealing a denial.

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