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Find out who is eligible for social security! Let us help you apply for social security. Find out how we can help if you have been denied social security.
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Rochester Social Security Disability Attorney

You likely were expecting that Social Security Disability would be there when you needed it and now that you find yourself in a position where you are dependent it seems near impossible to retain. Has your claim been denied or are you just now filing? In either situation it is recommended that you work with a professional that can guide you through the process and potentially increase the final outcome of your case. A disability can be financially demanding and you may be without the means to meet your expenses if you are unable to receive benefits. I work continuously to improve the situations that my clients are faced with when applying for Social Security or if they have been denied benefits. Get in touch with my firm to set up an initial consultation so that I can review the details of your case free of charge. When you need exceptional service, contact Mark J. Palmiere, Attorneys at Law.

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